Cyanotype Workshops

This Victorian alternative photography technique invented by John Hershel uses an Iron compound instead of traditional Silver Nitrate to produce prints in the deep Prussian blue.
By using different coloured paper you can alter the tones of the print from the traditional blue and white.

Chemigram Workshops

First used in the 1950s, the Chemigram is an alternative print process; a cross between photography, painting and etching. Created by painting a resist of varnish or oil onto photographic paper and then developing the paper, each print is unpredictable and unique.

Camera Obscura Workshops

The Camera Obscura is a way of projecting an image through a lens onto a surface. The precursor to photography the Camera Obscura dates back to the ancient Greeks. In the workshop each participant will create their own handheld Camera Obscura, hopefully finding out about the inside workings of a camera and the human eye in the process.