Behind the Scenes: Following Cromford Canal

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How did the project come together?

I have always been interested in industrial landscapes as a subject. They can provide striking images, just look at the amazing work of Edward Burtynsky. The idea of Following Cromford Canal emerged out of a previous project looking at the Attenborough Nature Reserve in Nottingham, I wanted to further explore post-industrial landscapes in the Midlands.

A digger working in a section of Cromford Canal.

I wanted to explore an area further out from Nottingham and also experiment with large format cameras. I found out that Derwent valley is a Word Heritage Site for industrial heritage, and discovered Cromford Canal, which was only active for 50 years.

I chose Cromford Canal because during the length of the original canal, only 5 miles is left in water. I wanted to find out how much of the rest of the canal I could discover, or find what is now in its place.

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